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Welcome to Fumenep!

What is F U M E N E P ?

The mexican Foundation for Pediatric Neurology Angel SC (FUMENEP), is an organization formed by a group of health professionals concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of children, teens, young adults and adults with behavioral problems (TDAH), motor disorders and y epilepsy.

Fumenep is directed by Dr. Fernando G. García Jasso, Certified Pediatric Neurologist with extensive experience in the field and active participation in various functions of various organizations.

The Foundation was established to fill the void left by the institutions in these conditions, which, being high-cost treatments are not a priority within the Public Health System. In this context, the Foundation focuses on four main issues:
I. Pregnancy prevention of brain injury and early diagnosis of brain injury.
II. The application of botulinum toxin for children and adults with motor disorders.
III. Support for behavioral problems with Animal Assisted Therapy. (TAA).
IV. Support with human intravenous immunoglobulin G for refractory epilepsy.

This aims to get children to develop their motors system and its emotional system.

We are pioneers in Mexico in these treatments!!!

For our nature we support por people, making use of the procedes through Exchange programs we offer to businesses and individuals. And of course the contribution of services to people like you can make to the foundation.

If you know someone who might need our services or wish to joing out Exchange programs, bring him/her to F U M E N E P !

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